About Mideye Oy

Mideye is specialised in providing high class solutions for strong two-factor authentication.

Titansoft Oy is now Mideye Oy. We have been part of the  Mideye group since autumn 2016 and have now updated our company name according to our mother company Mideye AB. Mideye Oy is located in the Technopolis Innopoli Business park, next to the Aalto University in Otaniemi in Espoo, Finland.

The finnish operations has it’s root in a spin-off from SSH Communications Security of the Tectia MobileID business unit.

At our Finnish operations (Mideye Oy), the Mideye Authentication service and MobileID businesses are the core of the company. The company has full focus on developing the service. Our aim is to develop new features and service concepts that will benefit the existing customer base and attract new customers. One of our last improvements is Yubikey support.

Our mission is to provide companies an effective easy but secure login services in their digital business environment.

We are part of the Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC).

In 2018 Mideye Oy (then still Titansoft Oy) was awarded with the Achievers (Menestyjät) certificate from one of the leading business Magazines in Finland, Kauppalehti.

About Mideye Authentication Service

With the Midey Service you can use both your mobile phone or tokens, like Yubikey, to do the extra autentication step. The Mideye service is an all inclusive service, made easy for you. See more at https://www.mideye.com/authentication-service/

About Mideye MobileID

Mideye MobileID is a strong two-factor authentication service that utilizes the most readily available authentication device, the end user’s existing mobile phone, to provide higher security and ease of use for user authentication to various enterprise services.

  • Technology developed and evolved from 2002
  • Architected as a MobilePKI platform
  • Certified by Juniper and F5 Networks
  • Field-Proven Technology
  • SMS Gateway (in-house developed) infrastructure in place for on demand end user communication